HOA / Multi-Family Maintenance

What does it mean to be part of the “Quinn Family” of landscape maintenance?


  • Trees & Shrubs
    • All shrubs inspected for disease during season
    • Beds edged and cultivated twice yearly
    • Shrub trimming as needed
  • Turf
    • Walks, fences, curbs string trimmed weekly
    • “Blanket” weed control applied twice yearly
    • Pre-emergent crabgrass control applied in spring
  • Snow Removal/Winter (For our year-round contracts)
    • No added costs for winters with excessive snow totals
    • Recent Example: Blizzard of 2011
    • Weekly trash pickup during winter months
    • No added cost for dormant pruning

To learn more about our family owned company, please visit the Commercial Maintenance part of our website.

Many parts of our landscape maintenance contract were not included on this website. Please Contact Us for a free estimate on maintaining your HOA / Multifamily complex.