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We know many of you are animal lovers with at least one – sometimes two or three – dog(s) in the household. Fleas, unfortunately, are common this time of the year. That is why a few fleas that may have made their way into your house have largely multiplied, and turned into a major problem.

Flea eggs hatch merely 10 days after being laid, and the flea’s entire lifecycle takes about 6 weeks in the home environment. Fleas usually like to lay their eggs in the carpeting, upholstery, pet bedding, and other areas where the larvae will be able to feed on debris.

Fortunately, pet owners can usually successfully treat a flea infestation by using a flea and tick powder on their pets weekly for a minimum of six weeks. Flea collars are also available, but be aware that your pet may be allergic to the chemical applied to them. For non-pet owners, aerosol sprays are available can be used on all carpet and upholstery biweekly for six weeks (once every two weeks). Once sprayed, allow the solution to dry for 30 minutes then vacuum the areas and quickly dispose of the vacuumed materials.