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Come September many of us hate our gardens: plants in the wrong place that didn’t perform as expected, plants that are overgrown and straggly, faded brown mildewed and chewed up plants. The problem is that we still have two months or more to go.

Don’t worry, autumn could bring out the best in your garden. There’s a lot more to choose from than chrysanthemums. There are two types of kelp to choose from: edible and ornamental. The ornamental hale is strictly bred for appearance, and is much more showy in the garden and/or container. Pansies have come a long way in the last 10 years. The sub-zero, or icicle, pansies go in the ground in September and blooms again in the spring (weather permitting). When most annuals are past their prime, the Osteospermum starts to shine. With a wide variety of colors now available, this is a great choice for fall containers.

Perennial choices for fall color include blue salvias, asters and mums. Blue salivas are becoming one of the hottest perennials on the market. They bloom all summer and peak during autumn months. Asters and mums are also popular fall plantings. When purchasing mums, be careful to choose only the perennial types if you want them to come back next year. Some mums and asters you see at the store that are inexpensive, and in small containers, will not rewinter (what?).