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Using salt on roadways and sidewalks has become a common practice of improving the safety conditions of travel during snow and ice storms. Unfortunately, this practice can induce unfavorable horticultural conditions once winter has ended. This article will explain why salt can damage live plants and list several salt-tolerant plants that are recommended by William Quinn and Sons, Inc.

Salt damage conditions can easily be confused with drought and scorch stress. The reason being: salt attracts moisture, keeping the live plants and grass from getting the nourishment they need. These affects are visible in early spring, before drought conditions are even an issue.

There are, however, plants that are able to more easily withstand salt damage and can be more safely planted near roadways. They are:

– Birches
– Honeysuckle
– Spruces
– White and Red Oak
– Poplars and Aspens
– Vanhoutte’s Spirea

On the other hand, the following plants are NOT very salt resistant and should not be planted near roadways where they may be doused with calcium:

– Red and Sugar Maples
– Most pines and firs
– Burning bush
– Dogwoods
– Lindens
– Yews
– Viburnums