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Winter Pruning

by admin

Although the weather is usually cold and unpleasant, winter pruning of certain trees and shrubs is very beneficial. Since most summer-blooming trees and shrubs bud during the spring, pruning beforehand (during the winter) allows for more budding and more flowering. The result of a well winter-pruned tree or shrub is a beautiful summer display that only nature can produce.

There are three common methods of pruning.

Rejuvenation: All stems of the plant are cut to the ground or very close to the ground.

Renewal: Plants are thinned of approximately ¼ of their stems at the ground.

Heading Back: This method is best for single stem shrubs, deciduous trees, and evergreens. Heading back involves pruning back to a leaf, bud, scar, side brand, or main branch of the tree.

Be careful not to “butcher” plants when pruning them. Although the plants should recover, they may become more susceptible to disease, scorch, drought, and other unfavorable conditions that may ultimately destroy them.

Winter pruning, when done correctly, will make your plants and trees healthy and beautiful during the spring and summer seasons.